Gay marriage ban amendment – Ohio Issue 1

One of the things that annoys me more than the presidential election is Issue 1. Issue 1 was a proposed amendment to the Ohio Constitution that would ban same-sex marriages and also ban those people from gaining medical and financial benefits. The issue has a much broader reach than just banning same-sex marriage. For instance, it challenges any relationship not bound by marriage between any couple, same-sex or not. Lets say a man and woman have a child out of wedlock, and they have no intentions of getting married. Issue 1 was written so vaguely that it can be interpreted so as to prevent any medical or financial benefits from being shared amongst the out of wedlock family. This is my interpretation of this law. How many other interpretations can be found? Here is the (two sentence) amendment in its entirety..

“Only a union between one man and one woman may be a marriage valid in or recognized by this state and its political subdivisions. This state and its political subdivisions shall not create or recognize a legal status for relationships of unmarried individuals that intends to approximate the design, qualities, significance or effect of marriage.”

The second sentence is particularly bothersom. It is so broad and so vague that I can’t believe that people in this state are so stupid as to not even consider the consequences of this law. It passed with a 61.77% vote in favor of the amendedment. For a state that is desperately trying to keep young people from leaving and entice businesses to set up shop here this law is a real setback. This single amendment has proven to me that this state’s voting citizens are racist. I don’t mean racist in the sense of whites versus blacks, although the state is somewhat racist in that sense too. I mean racist in the sense that almost 62% of voting people in this state are so intolerant of other people being different from themselves that a law had to be proposed and passed to basically outlaw non-traditional values.

This state has taken something like 35% or 37% percent of all job losses nationwide over the last four years and then, as if the majority of the voting public could care less, they pass this moronic law just to show how little they really care about others. I guess this just goes to show what percentage of voting people in this state are intolerant of change, and it’s unfortunate that the majority are not tolerant. To that I say, “Why the hell am I still living in this state?”

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