Restricting Rights

As I read through the local news tonight, I see something that really bothers me. Cornell University conducted a study that found 44 percent of those people polled support restricting the rights of Muslim-Americans in various forms. What have these people done? They aren’t the bad people that we hear about every night killing some kid for dope money or killing some woman eight months pregnant and cutting open her body to take her unborn child. What gives people the idea that restricting the rights of fellow citizens is a good idea? That is just plain ignorant and intolerant of those different from our own. I have to guess that many of these people are unjustly placing blame for the 11-Sep-1 attacks with the Muslim people. Just because Ali Babba and the 19 thieves came to town doesn’t mean that the entire Muslim population supports what happened. There are just as many white folk running around in this country that really do hate America and want to do America harm. Why don’t the 44 percenters lobby to restrict the white folks rights too? If they want to do one group, they need to do them all. I certainly hope that these people come out from under the shell in which they live and see what is really going on in the world.

Feel free to read the rest of the story here.

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