iPod and iBook

Those people in Asia are fast. For christmas, I ordered my wife a 20GB click wheel iPod. I was given the no-cost option to personalize my purchase by having two lines of text laser engraved on the back of the iPod. OK. What the hell. It adds 1-3 days of wait time to receive my order. This was Friday, 17-Dec-4, a week before Christmas. I really wanted to have the iPod here in time for the holiday, but the wife would understand if it was late. She even said so. I place the order and receive numerous emails from Apple about the status of the item. Apple, by the way, is very good at communicating the status of orders with their customers without nagging. Two emails show up on Friday. Then, when I least expected it, another email from Apple showed up on Saturday morning stating that the iPod had shipped. What?! Already? I look back through my order to make sure that I didn’t select the super-deluxe get-it-here-as-fast-as-humanly-possible shipping. Nope. It says free “parcel/ground” shipping. A quick look at the FedEx tracking number shows the iPod received by FedEx in Shanghai, China. Wow. Ground shipping from Shanghai. An interesting concept. And what is this? To be delivered by 6:00pm on Wednesday, 22-Dec-4. Needless to say, the iPod didn’t ship via ground. In fact, it is quite well traveled having started life in Shanghai then heading to Subic Bay and Paranaque in the Phillipines and onto Anchorage then Indianapolis and finally Cleveland. I’ve been to Indy. The best part of the whole thing is that it showed up before the big snow storm that halted pretty much the entire state on Thursday. Having ordered an iBook last Friday, 31-Dec-4, it appears that my experience will be even better this time.

I come in to work this morning after having off for the last 12 days and open my email to find that my iBook has shipped, complete with base package upgrades, yesterday. This time it started life in Taoyuan City, Taiwan. It’ll be here in a few days. That’s fast service.

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