I’m on an Elimination Diet

Lauren has reflux. She cries and hurts a lot. We already know that when I eat any dairy or soy containing foods that she gets upset, a bad diaper rash, and is generally cranky for more than several hours. So the pediatrician started her on Pepcid, which seemed to help for 3 weeks and then things got crazy again. By crazy I mean she wasn’t taking any naps all day, wanted to nurse constantly, and would fight sleep. And she was just cranky all the time.

She weighs about 14.5 lbs, is nearly 26″ long, and tales .8 ml of Pepcid suspension twice a day.

SO, I started the “Total Elimination Diet” on Thursday. Using this plan I’ve gone to a basic diet of turkey (I don’t like lamb), rice, potatoes, millet, pears, apples, and squash. I added apples because some of the elimination diets use chicken instead of turkey and apples as well. I figure if some of them do it, it is probably safe. And I needed a little more variety in my life.

So here’s a little recap of the last few days.

Weds. 4/27
My last day eating “normal” food. I had several pieces of farble mudge cake, went out for lunch to Brueggers, and generally stuffed myself silly, I even had breakfast for dinner (a big sausage omlette). I also did some grocery shopping. Found a lambsteak and some organic free range turkey at Heinens, millet and puffed cereal at Web of Life, and plotted my meals for Thursday.

Thurs. 4/28
We all slept in until 9am. Amazing. Gave Lauren her meds, and got up for breakfast.

Breakfast today was a real gourmet treat. Puffed millet and rice milk cereal (cold, but I understand you can heat it and make a porridge), a pear and a big glass of water.

Puffed millet is a lot like eating rice krispies without the sugar. And they have serious static issues. Like packing peanuts. Just teeny tiny packing peanuts. I also put the turkey in the oven, with only salt and pepper to season it. I let it bake FOREVER. Or almost 3 hours. Just in time for lunch.

Lunch was a nice big piece of turkey and 1/2 a large sweet potato. Ryan split it with me, and I put a little salt on it. Not bad. I could stand to eat more sweet potatoes. I tossed the carcass back into the pot and made some turkey stock. Not sure if I’m going to like turkey soup, but we’ll find out!

Dinner. Ugh, dinner. Well the plan was for a nice lambsteak broiled and tasty. But when I took the lamb out of the oven, the smell made me gag. So I offered it to Ryan, he likes to eat all kinds of things that I don’t like. I snacked on a pear and some puffed rice (again, a lot like rice krispies but without all the sugar and fun noises) and a big glass of water. Ryan tried the lamb. He ate one bite and said “it’s not so bad” and then on the second bite said “it needs something” and finally tried a few more bites with some dressing or sauce or something and decided he couldn’t eat it anymore. Guess it’s just turkey for me.

I nibbled on cold turkey and called it a night. And I had the WORST headache ever. I think it was from the lack of crappy carbs, like people who do Atkins diet frequenty report during the first days. Nothing sounded better than a big slice of bread.

Fri. 4/29
Breakfast was puffed rice and rice milk. Pretty bland, but ok. The rice milk is a little sweet, so it helps.

Lunch was a glass of pear juice, a golden delicious apple, some cold turkey and rice cakes. Not too bad. I do like turkey.

Lauren took a nap so I ran out to do some grocery shopping. I got some millet flour, vanilla ricecream, and rice flour at Nature’s Bin, and more pears, and some more turkey from Heinens.

For dinner I made Ryan a batch of chicken flavored in a bunch of different ways, I figure he can eat these for lunch and dinner the next few days. I had a pear, 1/2 of another sweet potato, and the rest of the turkey. I put mashed sweet potato on my rice cakes as a spread, not a great thing, but something different.

My parents came over to visit tonight, and Lauren was VERY happy. She was content to be held for a long time, talked to my mom, laughed some, smiled a lot, and generally didn’t fuss. I also think she’s spaced out her meals a bit since the pepcid dose went up last weekend, and she seemed more interested in socializing with my parents than nursing.

I still have a little bit of a headache, but it’s not like last night.

Sat. 4/30
Breakfast today was puffed millet and rice milk.

Mid morning I had a granny smith apple and a glass of organic apple juice (next to the orange juice at Tops). Ryan put another turkey in to roast for lunch. And then he made banana bread. Mmmmm smelled so good!

Lunch was some turkey, spaghetti squash, a big glass of water, and hashbrowns! I skimmed some of the fat off the top of the turkey stock and used it to fry a shredded potato. Some salt and YUM, they were crispy and yummy. I think I could eat turkey and hashbrowns every day.

Afternoon snack of rice cakes and a pear.

Dinner was cold turkey and cold spaghetti squash, I was just feeling to lazy to reheat it, and a hot baked potato. Amazing how only salt and pepper can season a meal.

I asked Ryan if he thought Lauren was happier or not. He says he hasn’t noticed a change, but I think I have. I’m sure some of it is developmental (she’s laughing now), but I think some of it might be related to the lack of some food in my diet. She’s still nursing a lot, but taking longer breaks between, she’s content to sit in the bouncy seat and Ryan’s been watching TV with her (ack!) and she likes to watch people shows (cooking shows, not cartoons), and she’s a lot more talkative. She’s been making spit bubbles and trying to raspberry, and drools like mad. He also doesn’t spend as much of the day with her as I do, I think she’s been easier to nurse to sleep (although she still wakes fairly quickly) and is a little less fussy.

Although the fussy can be argued. Lauren and I took a bath last night and she was splashing and having a great time, and started to get fussy so I asked Ryan to take her and get her dry and dressed while I climbed out of the tub. He had to go wash his hands and take of his coat and who knows what else, but whatever it was, it took too long. She was pretty angry by the time he got back to get her, and it only got worse from there. He got the diaper on and she was shrieking. I took her and nursed her and she calmed down, but wow, I’ve only heard that kind of pain noise from her a few times. It was louder even than Ryan could yell. She fussed on and off all evening and was pretty tired too, she didn’t nap very well in the afternoon. Ryan ended up rocking her to sleep while I put the sheets on the bed, she nursed and fell asleep pretty quickly.

Sun. 5/1
Well she nursed and pottied at 2 and 6, and slept until just after 9. I had puffed millet and rice milk for breakfast and a granny smith apple. She nursed again at 10, and is currently hanging out on the changing table talking to the walls and the mobile. I think I might make some soup for lunch today, I have rice noodles (brand name “Notta Pasta”), and if I toss in a little turkey and some cubed potatoes, that might be a decent bowl of something.

The soup was pretty good. Chopped up a baked potato, some turkey, threw it in the broth with some rice noodles and a bunch of salt, almost as good as my chicken soup is.

Ryan’s being so supportive. He’s walking around eating M&Ms, this morning he made bacon and sweetly asked, “Honey, do you want some bacon for breakfast?” Aaaaaargggggh!
More to come, this is going to be an adventure.

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