Potato chips!

Tues. 5/3
Well Ryan didn’t make bacon today. Yay! We’re going to LLL meeting this morning, and then home to nap. I set the timer on the oven to cook another turkey while we’re out, having to cook every other day isn’t so bad. I need to make some other foods for Ryan.

Breakfast was puffed millet and rice milk, and an apple for a morning snack. We went to Trader Joe’s after LLL with Amy and Natalie, and I found the TJ’s brand chips are safe for me to eat. YUM! Kettle Chips brand are also safe, and a nationally known brand.

Lunch was some turkey, potato chips, and a pear. Ryan ate M&Ms close enough that I could smell them.

I took Lauren to the chiropractor today, she giggled the entire treatment and fell asleep as soon as I put her in the car to come home. Right now she’s napping, the chiro said to expect her to be fussy, gassy, pukey, etc. tonight and tomorrow morning, but so far she’s just sleeping. She also told me that she knows a good craniosacral therapist if the chiro doesn’t work.

Last night for dinner I had some turkey soup. It’s awfully good to have something a little different when you eat the same thing over and over again. I’ve had suggestions to make shepherd’s pie, turkey burgers, kebobs, and more, but I think to do the burgers I’d have to have the turkey ground for me at the store, as the preground stuff is seasoned with rosemary and something else.

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