Weds. 5/4
Dinner last night was the “usual” – turkey and a baked potato. Same with breakfast today – millet and rice milk, apple juice. Boring!

Lauren was super spit-uppy last night, she urped more than usual, which we were told to expect as her nerves and muscles are relaxed by the chiropractic treatments.

We had lunch at the mall – chips, a pear and an apple. We were out running around and I didn’t pack anything to eat. Had a big plate of turkey and chips when I got home in the afternoon.

I really think Lauren is less fussy. She’s making great noises and even spent some time on her belly this morning. The dry flaky skin in her eyebrows is gone, but the diaper rash is still there. Hoping it goes away soon too!

She weighed 15 lbs 5 oz today at the hospital.

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