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Thurs. 5/5
Same old junk for dinner last night (turkey and chips), same old breakfast today, same for lunch and dinner too. I guess it’s time to make some new meal ideas. I’m glad I like turkey.

Lots of people want to know what taking a baby to the chiropractor is like. Lots of people think we’re letting the chiro grab her by the neck and go *pop* to her back. I thought that too until I met people who take their babies to the chiro, and then I met a mom who is a chiro and has a 5 month old baby. She and her husband adjust the baby regularly.

So on Tuesday we went to the chiro. The one we saw is certified in the Webster Technique, which is a method that helps to turn breech babies the right way. She works with lots of pregnant women and babies too, and Lauren seems to like her. We talked about her birth, what symptoms she has now, and some other things. She asked lots of questions and spent a good amount of time talking to Lauren and making her smile. She also showed me what she was going to do on a stuffed Tigger that was about the same size as Lauren, and gave me some handouts on chiro care for kids and babies.

Essentially baby chiro treatments are like a gentle massage. She used her fingertips and pressed gently on different parts of Lauren’s back and neck. The chiro had Lauren rest on my chest and I hardly felt any pressure from her touch. Lauren giggled (and had lots of gas and urps) the entire time, and didn’t complain about anything, so it must have felt ok to her. Then we sat Lauren up and the chiro did some massage to the back of her neck which seemed to relax her a lot. And finally she showed me some massage techniques to use on her belly, back and neck, and then showed me the spots on Lauren’s back and the corresponding nerves to those areas. Can you guess what they were? Bowel, bladder, stomach, throat, mouth.

Lauren immediately fell asleep on the way home. She rarely sleeps in the car.

For more info about chiro and kids, check out ICPA for Kids.

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