Chicken soon…

Sat. 5/7

Yuck, puffed rice and a pear. I really need to stop at Web of Life or Nature’s Bin and get more puffed millet. The rice just gets soggy too fast. They almost taste identical too. Another half turkey in the oven now. Lunch was a leftover turkey burger and some chips, and a bowl of soup. Rice noodle advice – it is best to follow the instructions and only cook rice noodles for 5-7 min. as prescribed. Cooking them for 12-15 min. creates chewey mushy strange textured globs to put in soup.

New food:
I don’t know if Lauren reacted to the banana or not, she had a stuffy nose all night and sounded like Darth Vader sleeping. She doesn’t seem very congested today, so we’ll try again, eat another banana today and see how it goes.

Tomorrow Ryan’s family is having a Mother’s Day celebration where the guys/kids are cooking for the moms. So I’m going to add chicken to the diet, although I have to eat mine plain. Add a baked apple and baked potato and it sounds good to me.

Fri. 5/6

Well I ran out of puffed millet so I’m eating puffed rice for breakfast. It’s not as good as the millet, the rice gets soggy pretty quickly. Had an apple too.

We went back to visit the chiropractor today, she gave me a schedule for 12 visits over many weeks, and like last time, Lauren fell right to sleep in the car on the way home. She also slept in the car on the way to/from Oberlin in the afternoon. Usually she is wide awake the entire time and fussing. I also think the new car seat keeps her sitting upright instead of curved, a better position as far as the amount of pressure on her belly.

For lunch I finished off the rest of the turkey leftovers and had a bowl of rice noodles and turkey broth.

New food:
I had a banana this afternoon. It’s pretty exciting to eat other foods again.

For dinner we had turkey burgers and fruit. I guess I could put them on rice cakes to look like a burger, but I had mine plain instead.

Last night was one of the least fun meals of the last 2 weeks. Ryan and Alanna decided to go to Wendy’s for dinner, which just happens to be my favorite place to eat grease. So Lauren and I sat there and watched them eat fries and burgers and chicken and sodas. Hopefully someday I’ll eat there again. Or maybe I won’t, that might be the better thing, that after no fast food for months I suddenly have a strong aversion to the smell/taste.

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