Mon. 5/9
We slept in so breakfast was a banana. I can’t begin to describe how nice it is to just grab a banana on the way out the door and eat it. I miss orange juice too, maybe I’ll have to try citrus soon.

And lunch was chips and chicken. Yes, chicken!! Woohoo! Of course it’ll be back to turkey for dinner, but that’s ok.

Sun. 5/8
Happy Mama Day to me.

Breakfast in bed, thanks to Ryan, puffed rice and a pear. For lunch I had some turkey noodle soup and a big glass of apple-pear juice, and we headed out for an afternoon of visiting.

Dinner was at Ryan’s aunt’s house, the guys/kids were in charge of making dinner for the moms. They made chicken (mine plain) and I had Ryan toss an apple in foil on the grill, it was a yummy treat while everyone else had chocolate cake and other goodies.

New food:
Grilled chicken has never tasted so good. And so far Lauren seems OK with bananas. That’s a good thing.

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