November 6th, 2008

You know your children love cosleeping when they climb into the bed at IKEA with their friends and snuggle right up like we do at bedtime.

Lauren and her buddy Chase tried out at least 6 beds in the kids section last week, after getting tired of playing with the toys. Lauren also tucked stuffed animals into beds and covered them carefully so they would have a warm place to sleep.

I’m on the homeschooling team now.

October 1st, 2008

Had to share this Lauren gem.

On Monday we finally went over to the preschool to do the paperwork required to withdraw her. And the week before that I had called to tell them I was going to take her out, and would someone please get her epipen from the classroom because it was extremely likely that I wasn’t going to be able to show up at the start/end of any classes, and I didn’t want to disrupt the teacher’s lunch OR any classes when I did get there.

SO of course the epipen wasn’t there, it was still in the class. And the desk lady, rather than let me walk over to the door and get it, CALLED (the door is like 10′ from the office window) on the phone to the class, talked to the assistant, who talked to the teacher, who said she’d bring it out to me at the office.

So we waited at the office window, and Lauren was playing near me, and the door opened and Lauren saw the teacher and RAN and hid behind me. Not silly or flirty or anything, but scared. I reassured her and told her she could say hi to the teacher, the teacher said hi to her and gave me the epipen, but Lauren didn’t say hi back. Then…

“My mommy says I ever ever never have to go to school again in my life! GOODBYE!”

*giggle* I’m proud of her. I wonder if she’ll consider online classes for college.

Rosemary Potato Onion Pie

September 28th, 2008

2T olive oil
1# red skinned potatoes sliced 1/4″ thick
1-2 medium onions, sliced
1t rosemary
6 eggs beaten
2/3 c applesauce
1 tart apple diced
1/2 c nutritional yeast flakes
salt and pepper to taste

(for next time, try adding bacon, sausage, or peppers)

Preheat oven to 375.
Saute potatoes, onion and rosemary until potatoes are tender and onion is translucent.

Combine eggs, applesauce, yeast, salt, and pepper.

Place potato and onion mixture with apples into a 9×9 baking dish, pour egg mixture on top, bake for 30-40 minutes until set in the center.

Serves 4, serve with spinach salad.

The kids gave this a thumbs up, Elliot cleaned his plate, and Lauren ate most of hers.

Turtles and Peanuts

September 26th, 2008

This week has been really busy with appointments and getting caught up with lots of stuff after being gone for a week.

Lauren had an appointment with the allergist – the primary purpose was to retest her for peanut allergies, and I think our pediatrician referred us to the dumbest allergist ever. Or maybe she is just a drug pusher. Either way, we won’t be going back to her again.

Lauren’s appointment went well, they did a skin test for peanuts which came back with a much less significant welt than it did when she was a toddler. This is good – this means that while she does still have some sort of peanut allergy, it’s not nearly as severe as it could have been/was. She whined the whole time about how her back itched, but we read books and sucked on suckers and all was good.

Ryan was home with Elliot that day, and of course, as luck would have it, every project he was working on in the last few weeks had some sort of emergency he needed to fix right away while on the phone while trying to keep Elliot from screaming.

They also ordered a blood test for Lauren, and I guess little kids have issues with giving blood, because the phlebotomist showed up with a “friend” to help her restrain Lauren to do the draw. I asked them to let me hold her, and she sat calmly on my lap, unrestrained (I didn’t even hold her other arm) while extending her lovely vampire-friendly veins (she got those from me) for her draw. She even remembered to keep her hand in a fist the whole time. The best part, “Look mama, my big red blood goes wooo-wooo-ooooh around the tube into the bottle!”

That’s my girl!

Oh, and she’s 42″ tall and 35.5# if anyone is keeping stats.

The next day was Elliot’s turn, he had his 18 month checkup a little late (seems we always do them a little late…). As usual his head is gigantic, 99.5%ile, and he’s 32.5″ tall and 26#. Nothing new and exciting for him, though his pedi recommended we consider getting his vision tested in the next few months. I have to find out more about that first.

We also found a turtle walking in the street yesterday, just walking along without a care in the world. I picked him up and put him in the car with us, and took him on some errands. Lauren says, “He didn’t look with his eyes,” meaning that he didn’t look both ways for cars before trying to cross the street, “and he might get squished!”

We took him along to the store, post office, and around the neighborhood before putting him down in the grass across the street and chasing him back to the pond. He swam away when he realized he was back to the lake.

Too busy to blog?

September 21st, 2008

We’ve been pretty busy. Ryan’s been traveling to Yuma, AZ a LOT in the last few months for work on a project. If all goes well his last trip there for a while will start this week and end 10/4. Yes, he gets to celebrate our 5th anniversary by flying half way across the country on a plane. MFC hired another “new guy” to do the work downtown that Ryan finds the least enjoyable (well the work is fun, some of the people not so fun) and hopefully he works out better than the last “new guy” who only lasted a few months before being banned from the building dowtown.

We were just in Ohio to celebrate with Nic’s family – a kitchen shower – as John and Nic are planning to be married on 10/11 in Florida. Unfortunately, we, like many other people in both families, won’t be able to make the trip with them, as much fun as it sounds. Aunt Jean passed away as well, so we stayed long enough to attend her funeral service and see our extended family that we never get to see.

Lauren is struggling with school this year – I think she’s really upset with all the kids who are upset that their moms left. There are 19 kids in her class, a teacher and an aide, and a temporary aide to help get through the first weeks of school as well. Of the 19 kids, at least 6 of them scream hysterically for their mom when they are dropped off. The school policy is to “say goodbye and leave quickly” and then let them deal with the kids, which I am in total disagreement with. Essentially they are promoting letting small (3 yr old) children feel abandoned by the only parent who has taken care of them full time since birth so that they can “get comfortable” with a new caregiver in a strange situation with strange people. Bad idea. And Lauren understands that too. Last year when she started school I would stay with her as long as she needed – the first day we went in when there were no kids there just to check out the space. The second day I stayed for a while, but she said I could go as long as I waited in the hall. Day 3 she let me go pretty quickly, and after that she barely had time to kiss me goodbye when I dropped her off.

This year started much the same way – we went in and played in the classroom with the other children, teachers, and parents for about an hour, then the next day she was just fine – asked me to wait in the hall for 2.5 hrs (Elliot and I went grocery shopping and to the library instead) and was happy as a clam. Day 3 she was fine, day 4 she woke up saying she didn’t want to go to school. I spent 20 minutes that day transitioning her into class, and she reluctantly let me leave. At the end of class that day she said she didn’t like school anymore. We took last week off, secretly I hope the sad kids are doing much better on Tuesday when we go back to school. If they are still screaming and crying, and it’s distressing to her, I’m considering just removing her from school for the year. She doesn’t really need it, though I do enjoy the break, and really, in the long run, I’m not sure that I want her to learn what they are teaching this month – rule following, immediate obedience, and standing in line – all great preparation for the public school environment, all very conforming.

Elliot is making words and signs all the time now, though I don’t understand him most of the time. He’s also BIG – taller than Lauren was at 2, and about 8 lbs lighter than she is now. He’s insisting on doing short sets of stairs standing and holding a rail, and is obsessed with this great gear game we have and anything with wheels. He frequently commandeers strollers from unsuspecting mothers at the playground.

We’re also dogsitting for Greg, which has made it interesting around here, Willie barks at anything and everything – all day long – which gets Zoe barking, and then all the dogs on the street bark all day. And on our street of 10 homes, I think 8 have dogs.

Carl the Dog

August 6th, 2008

Lauren asked me to read a book to her, and she handed me “Good Boy, Carl” from the shelf. I opened it and was ready to read when she yelled at me to “No no, ask me the questions!” which after a little negotiation and questioning, I realized meant she wanted me to prompt her to tell me the story, since it is a picture book and she can “read” every word.

So, page 1, the title page…

Me: who’s this?
L: That’s Waldron (she pointed to Carl)
Me: and who is the baby?
L: That’s Elliot in the red shirt (he is wearing red today)
*turn page*
L: See Waldron runs out of the room and goes and gets the baby out of his cage.
Me: and then what?
L: The baby climbs out of the cage and hugs the dog for saving him.
Me: Why was the baby in the cage?
L: Because the mean mama put him in there.
Me: What is he doing in there?
L: He’s crying and being sad. The dog makes him happy though.
Me: Oh. What else?
L: They go make a big mess in the house and eat milk and salami and cookies.
Me: What happens next?
L: The Waldron licks the Elliot baby and makes him swim with the fishies.
Me: Oh that’s fun, that’s like a big pool.
L: No mama, it’s a FISH BOWL and smells yucky.
Me: ah, what else?
L: The dog makes the baby go in his cage and cleans the house fast so mama doesn’t see it.
Me: and what else happens?
L: The end!
*throws book back on shelf*


August 6th, 2008

A tornado came through town on Monday night, and it took out a bunch of houses across the pond from us. Scarily close. There were no sirens, nada, just a crying Lauren because the thunder was too loud during the storm.

Let’s try this google thing and see if it works…

View Larger Map

View Larger Map

We live at the end of Spring Ct, where the little A points. SE across the pond (err, I mean lake) is a sand volleyball court, shown as a little gray square. The row of condos to the east of the court and the ones south of that were hit, some of them even picked up from the foundation. A few are flagged and the owners are not allowed to enter.

Let’s see if that linky works on google maps.

Yesterday was just plain awful…

July 18th, 2008

The good news:

- nobody died
- Lauren didn’t cut her hair again

The rest of my day:

I woke up around 5 with my eye throbbing, oh yes, my eyelid was inflamed and infected. Managed to get it under control enough to survive. The kids had their usual morning, we packed lunch and headed to the splash park. Ate lunch, and went to play, and realized that the park was just too busy with kids that were too big and too rough so we voted to go elsewhere.

Packed up my stuff, but managed to break my glasses into 3 pieces. Ugh. Thank goodness for sunglasses. Off to the “good” splashpark where you pay to get in, but your ticket stub buys a free kids meal at Panera across the street. Worth it, even if we can’t eat half of the kids meal.

The other park was great, we found a table under an umbrella, and even Elliot, Mr. I’m-afraid-of-noisy-water was in there, having a blast, and he took a nap in the stroller too. Woot! Friends came and more friends came and pretty soon we had a decent size playgroup going. Decided maybe it was time to eat, so we all packed up, gathered around in the pavilion, and I search (with super dark sunglasses on) for my wallet so it’s easy to find in the dark when we get to Panera. No, wallet can not be found. Dump bag upside down, shake shake, no wallet. And it’s not a small wallet, it’s a regular wallet in a bright red makeup case in my bright yellow pool bag. Hard to lose.

Called my friend Liz, who had already left with her kids, and asked her to check her bag for it since her son had pulled out the matching red epi-pen case when he was playing at the table.. hoping he had stuffed it in her bag at the same time. No, my wallet isn’t in her bag, and neither is hers. Hmm. This isn’t looking very good.

She comes back, we all search trashcans hoping that the person who took them just took cash and ditched them, but after checking all the trashcans within 200 yards of the park, we find nothing. Called the police too, to fill out a report, and sent Allegra’s husband to fetch dinner. He was a trooper – headed off with at least 10 tickets for free meals and a long list of orders – and came back with everything we ordered… except my dinner.

So we got our police reports done, packed our cars, ate dinner, let the kids play in the big sandbox (with water feature, whee!) and I sat on the phone canceling credit cards and bank cards. Thankfully I only carry the debit cards and one credit card with me, so it was pretty easy.

But ack, remember those super dark sunglasses? It’s now nearly 9, and pretty dark out, and there is no way I can safely drive home. So I scavenge around in Ryan’s car with two crying and exhausted kids for anything sticky enough to reattach the bridge of my glasses and the missing arm. Finally, after cursing my husband for being so clean with his wiring jobs (couldn’t find any electrical tape in there!) I found a bit of sticky gross old duct tape on the bottom of something, and I peeled it off. Formed a bit of a nose and arm on my glasses, and drove home in the dark.

Get home, both kids are sleeping, and there are 5 huge boxes on my porch from UPS that need to be moved inside, the dog needs fed, and Ryan is still at work.

Ah, it was a long and craptastic day.

On the agenda for today: new drivers license, new glasses, stop at the bank to withdraw cash the old fashioned way, and home to sort the huge order in those boxes from my porch. Tomorrow I drive half way to Cleveland to pick up Evie for a week long visit.


A big recap of recent stuff

May 31st, 2008

Lauren and Ryan and the dog are in Ohio today, and Elliot is napping, so I have a little time on my hands to avoid doing any significant housework…

In recent news, Zoe is still afraid of storms and loud noises. She’s taken to this duck as her own personal security blanket.

We’ve also started walking to the local grocery twice a week, it’s good uhm.. exercise for me. The stroller rolls really nicely, the kids weigh about 60 lbs combined, and we typically load the stroller AND the saddlebags (which aren’t on there in this pic) with our REUSABLE bags, not the plastic ones. But this pic was funny because Lauren has the watermelon under her legs.

Lauren had 12 weeks of a really fun set of gymnastics classes, but Elliot was the one to conquer the bar.

Elliot and Gella had a ton of fun splashing last weekend. They are 15 months old in this pic.

When I was a kid I would frequently ask Santa to give me a cage with a key so that I could lock my brother inside. Imagine, my dreams came true, a generation late.

Nursing a toddler…

May 31st, 2008

We went to the zoo a few weeks ago, and the monkey house was hopping. This mama gorilla shows such patience with her little nursling …

First she wants *this* side:

Then she wants *that* side:

And back to the *first* side again:

Mothers all over the world understand exactly what that face is saying :)